Candide Thovex and Audi: Behind the scenes


A year after the release of the Audi ad featuring the professional skier Candide Thorvex, they released the making-of.

A year ago, almost to the day, Audi launched on the web an ad called Ski the world that would become viral. This video of more than 4 minutes starred Candide Thorvex, a freeriding legend.

I say ad here, but it’s more of a Candide Thorvex insanely cool video sponsored by Audi.

Posted on the skier’s YouTube channel and Facebook page, the video has been seen by millions of people. All this to promote the quattro system of the German manufacturer. Yet, we have to watch the full thing to see, 10 seconds before the end, that it is indeed some clever marketing. “All conditions are perfect conditions. Audi quattro” can be read before seeing the four rings logo.

In the new video, which is a making-of of the film, we see all the incredible work behind it. We learn that it took nine months of research to reach the perfection seen in the video. More than three months of shooting in nearly 10 countries were also needed to create this masterpiece.

In short, the behind the scenes of the shoot is just as impressive to see as the short film itself.

Now that you’ve watched the behind the scenes (above), I suggest you rewatch the original video (below).


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