Sunday, January 23, 2022
News Canoo Reveals Electric Delivery Van

Canoo Reveals Electric Delivery Van

Canoo rows in with electric delivery vans

  • Up to 420 km range

  • Two sizes for more packages or more flexibility

Upstart electric automaker Canoo has just revealed an all-electric delivery van it says will offer class-leading cost of ownership and arrive with a retail price starting from US $33,000. Multiple sizes of the van will be offered with production starting in 2022.

The almost brutalist design is square from nearly every angle, but this is a delivery vehicle and that means that maximum use of interior space is key. It’s tougher to have more space for boxes than making the vehicle itself a box. To go with that, it’s loaded with cargo-friendly features like a high roof, storage lockers, roll-up door, sliding ramps, and other features that would normally require a trip to an aftermarket or dealer-partnered outfitter and more cost for existing vans.

Canoo sys it will offer 30 percent more parcel volume than other leading delivery vehicles. To make it manoeuvrable in congested urban areas, steer-by-wire through a variable-ratio rack is standard. The company says that “eliminates hand-over-hand driving,” and expands routing options.

Two models will be offered, the first the smaller MPDV1 with a payload of up to 1,980 lbs and a battery size up to 80 kWh. 230 cubic feet of cargo space and a 200 hp electric motor help it haul the goods. Estimated EPA range is 210 km with the 40 kWh battery, 308 with 60 kWh and 420 with the 80 kWh pack.

The larger MPVD2 will offer more volume, up to 550 cubic feet, but with a lower payload. Just 1,760 lbs for the 40 kWh pack and 1,320 with the largest battery. With the same motor and driving the front wheels, estimated ranges run from 146 km to 308. A third model is planned for further down the road.

Canoo is aiming at last-mile delivery rather than larger light commercial vehicles. So parcel services rather than city to city. The company said that their vehicles are tested to passenger car regulatory requirements, while it says “most of the players in the commercial vehicle space have not crash tested their platforms.”

The builder plans to launch in markets like Canada following the US commercial debut.


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