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Cargo Ship Fire Fueled by Volkswagen Auto Group Cars Could See the Lamborghini Aventador Return to Production

Lamborghini will soon find out which and how many of their vehicles were destroyed in the fire

  • The Felicity Ace went up in flames a week ago.

  • The Aventador is sold out and no longer being built.

  • There are dozens of Lambos onboard the ship including many Aventador.

Lamborghini has, or had, numerous vehicles on the ship on the way to the US. Most are/were Urus and there are many Huracáns too but neither pose a real issue as they are still being assembled. Those who’d ordered an Aventador may be out of luck.

Fire on Cargo Ship Carrying 4,000 Volkswagen Auto Group has Finally Died Down

The issue is simple: Lamborghini is in the process of phasing out the Aventador to make room for its replacement. The final build spots are all spoken for meaning that Lambo’s got all the parts they need to build them. If the Aventadors on the Felicity Ace are destroyed or nearly, the Italian automaker will have to go back to their suppliers and figure something out.

“At the moment, we don’t know, and we will have to deal with the problem it will present. The car is sold out, so there is always a possibility out of 563 units that some cancellation can allow an Aventador replacement, but I prefer to hope for the time being that at least the few Aventadors on the ship will be safe,” Automobili Lamborghini America CEO Andrea Baldi said as reported by Automotive News.

Lamborghini Aventador | Photo: Lamborghini

No matter what the first salvage crews will find, they are on board today, Lamborghini says that the incident could turn into a six-month delay for future owners.


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