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NewsCATL Introduces Revolutionary 'Shenxing Superfast Charging Battery' Enabling 397-Kilometer Range in Just...

CATL Introduces Revolutionary ‘Shenxing Superfast Charging Battery’ Enabling 397-Kilometer Range in Just 10 Minutes

CATL’s latest battery innovation, the “Shenxing Superfast Charging Battery,” showcases a 397-kilometer range achievable with a mere 10-minute charge.


  • CATL introduces the world’s first “Shenxing Superfast Charging Battery,” showcasing rapid-charging capabilities and impressive range.

  • Built on LFP technology, the battery boasts proprietary features including fast ion ring tech and a superconducting electrolyte formulation.

  • Overcoming cold temperature challenges, CATL’s battery maintains rapid charging even at -10℃ (-14℉), and it supports 4C charging.


Renowned battery manufacturer CATL has unveiled its cutting-edge “Shenxing Superfast Charging Battery” during a recent product launch event. Representing a major leap forward for electric vehicle technology, this groundbreaking battery claims the distinction of being the world’s first of its kind. Built upon the foundation of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) technology, this battery has the impressive capacity to add a substantial 400 kilometers (248 miles) of driving range within an astonishing 10-minute charging window.

At the core of CATL’s revolutionary fast-charging LFP battery lies a host of proprietary technologies. These encompass the innovative fast ion ring technology, a novel superconducting electrolyte formulation, and an ultra-thin separator that prioritizes safety. Beyond its rapid charging capabilities, the battery also boasts an exceptional overall range potential, stretching up to an impressive 700 kilometers (434 miles). A key differentiator is the support for 4C charging, indicating the ability to recharge at four times the capacity within a mere quarter of an hour.

Resolving typical concerns associated with LFP batteries, CATL’s design extends the scope of fast charging across a broad spectrum of temperatures. It retains the ability to charge from 0 to 80% in a mere 30 minutes, even when confronted with harsh temperatures as low as -10℃ (14℉). By striking a harmonious balance between range and charging convenience, this innovation offers users a reliable and efficient solution tailored to their electric vehicle requirements.

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Dubbed “Shenxing,” an ancient Chinese term symbolizing speed, the battery reflects CATL’s commitment to delivering swift value to everyday consumers. Anticipated mass production is set to initiate by year-end, with electric vehicles featuring this revolutionary fast-charging battery anticipated to grace the market in the first quarter of 2024.

Tesla Supercharger | Photo: Tesla

CATL’s track record of battery innovation has been consistent. Noteworthy achievements include the introduction of cell-to-pack (CTP) technology in 2019, followed by the launch of their first-generation sodium-ion battery in 2021. This was followed by the unveiling of the Qilin battery last year, utilized in the ZEEKR 001 model. The battery manufacturer also showcased an aviation-grade condensed battery earlier this year, underlining the breadth of their expertise.


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