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NewsCATL, Yutong Launch EV Battery With 1.5m km Warranty

CATL, Yutong Launch EV Battery With 1.5m km Warranty

This battery could outlast almost any car

  • Bus-sized battery outlasts diesel power

  • New tech allows self-healing in early battery life stages

Battery giant CATL has just launched a new EV battery cell that has a lifespan of 1.5 million km. The new battery shows zero loss of life after 1,000 cycles, and promises to outlive any car it could be installed in.

The battery is being launched by Yutong, one of the largest bus manufacturers in China. Its electric buses are sold in more than 40 countries, including several in Europe.

In a traditional battery cell, degradation happens most quickly in the first 300 cycles. A cycle is a full charge and discharge, so running the battery down to 75 percent four times would be roughly equal to one cycle. After 1,000 cycles, a battery is expected to lose 10 percent of its capacity, and it falls more slowly from there.

CATL’s new cells (via Battery Bulletin) will actually have more than 100 percent capacity during the first 1,000 cycles before capacity drops back down. It does that through a process called pre-lithiation, where extra lithium is added to the electroyte to effectively heal the initial degradation.

The result is a battery expected to have double the lifespan of a conventional LFP cell. CATL will offer a 1.5 million km, 15-year warranty on the battery packs, up from the 1m km, 10-year warranty currently offered.

Why a bus first instead of a car? Because commercial vehicles like buses are expected to last 1m km or more. Cars aren’t. A 1.5m km battery in a car at this point would be overkill. But versions of it that could greatly outlast current electric car battery packs will likely make their way into passenger cars as EV manufacturers look to ditch the customer perception of short-lived packs.


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