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NewsCES : VinFast is aiming at the EV pickup truck segment with...

CES : VinFast is aiming at the EV pickup truck segment with the VF WILD

  • The pickup truck could be production ready by 2026.

  • For now, the concept is still only an idea.


Earlier this week, we’ve learned that VinFast’s friendly, more affordable VF 3 electric crossover is going to be offered in North America. This is already excellent news for consumers who can’t afford an expensive EV.

VinFast VF WILD concept | Photo: VinFast

However, the Vietnamese-born manufacturer had another surprise in store for members of the press attending CES in Las Vegas. VinFast unveiled the VF WILD concept, a pickup truck that could well change the public’s perception of this brand created from scratch just a few years ago.

The pickup segment is very popular in North America the USA and Canada, and the shift to electric power has influenced several car divisions to start developing their own electric trucks.

However, the presence of this concept, which is not too far from a production model, is accompanied by very little information at the time of writing. What we do know is that it’s a mid-size model, and that the silhouette of this model, which obviously seems to be based on a monocoque platform, has nothing in common with any other electric pickup model of the moment.

Ironically, some of the concept’s lines – especially at the rear of the vehicle – recall the design of the American automobile of the 50s and 60s, and it must be said that the result is quite a looker. The bed is quite functional with a direct access in the cabin through a midgate access, a solution already available on the forthcoming Chevrolet Silverado EV.

Admittedly, the presence of suicide doors confirms that the vehicle is still under study, but the mere fact that VinFast is taking advantage of its visit to Las Vegas to show off this electric truck illustrates the interest that the brand’s strategists have in this highly lucrative segment. On that note, VinFast’s Chairwoman Le Thi Thu, mentioned to Automotive News that the pickup could be ready for production “as early as 2026”.

It now remains to be seen how the public will react, and whether the manufacturer will go ahead with this project. VinFast seems to have the wind in its sails, but we mustn’t forget that the manufacturer has yet to prove itself in the automotive arena.


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