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News Charge Unveils More Details About its Electric Mustang

Charge Unveils More Details About its Electric Mustang

Charge Cars revealed more detailed information about its electrified 60s Mustang.

This is not the first time we have discussed this topic. The shift to electric power in the automotive industry also means that the automotive restoration world will be increasingly interested in this alternative propulsion.

London, U.K.-based Charge had already announced plans to produce a classic Ford Mustang with a pure electric powertrain, but now the first images of the car have been posted on the company’s YouTube page.

Purists of the guttural American V8 will no doubt cry foul, but get used to it. In fact, even Ford is working on its own production electric Mustang, the ponycar, which will first be joined by a hybrid variant before turning the page to electric power.

Charge Cars Mustang | Photo: Charge Cars
Charge Cars Mustang | Photo: Charge Cars

But, let’s get back to this project limited to 499 units if you will. Right off the bat, with its black dress and multi-spoke rims, this American coupe is rather menacing. And even though the bumper has been flanked by this panel instead of the usual grille, the essence of the 60’s model remains intact.

Inside, however, it’s a different story. Yes, the dashboard retains its two “bumps”, but that’s about all that remains in place. In the center is a large Tesla-style touchscreen, while the center console houses four buttons – P-R-N-D – for the transmission functions. Behind the retro-looking steering wheel is a digital display that the driver can probably customize.

Under the hood, the electric muscle car is powered by a 536-horsepower powertrain and a rather impressive 1,106 lb-ft of torque, figures that allow it to sprint from 0-96 km/h in just 3.9 seconds! A 64 kWh battery is also part of the package. As for the possible range, Charge announces a distance of 200 miles (or 322 km), a disappointing statistic considering the asking price. Indeed, this entirely hand-built car commands a hefty £350,000 (or just under $600,000 Canadian based on the exchange rate in effect on March 10, 2022).

Admittedly, this is a stunning creation, but at this price and with such a short range, the future electric Mustang already looks like a great bargain next to this limited creation.

Charge Cars Mustang | Photo: Charge Cars
Charge Cars Mustang | Photo: Charge Cars

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