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NewsChevrolet Bolt Recall : Production Due to Stop Again for 3 Weeks

Chevrolet Bolt Recall : Production Due to Stop Again for 3 Weeks

The Chevrolet Bolt will have to wait a bit more to resume normal production

  • GM prioritises recalls over production of new models

  • The production of the Bolt resumed on November 1 but will be idled between November 15 and December 3

  • LG will pay most of the cost of the recall

Production of the Chevrolet Bolt finally restarted on November 1st after it was idled back in August due to a risk of fire in the batteries.

The defects were quickly identified, a torn anode and a folded separator in the cells made by LG could cause a fire when the cars were charging.

The problem on General Motors’ part is that battery supplies are limited and the number of vehicles which need a new one is huge, over 142,000, or every Bolt and Bolt EUV models ever made.

Because of that, production of the Bolt was stopped in August while LG was trying to supply more batteries.

Over two months later, the vehicles began to roll of the assembly line again on November 1st, but this return to normal will be short lived since GM announced the plant will be idled again for three weeks, between November 15th and December 3rd.

The reason for this is that the company prefers to prioritise the recalls over making new cars with the limited quantity of batteries it has in its stock, a decision that will be appreciated by the many owners who have had to comply with restrictive charging guidelines for the last two months and who want to be able to use their car normally again.


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