Thursday, February 9, 2023
News Chevrolet Corvette Getting Electric Power: Official

Chevrolet Corvette Getting Electric Power: Official

Corvette EV to come after AWD electrified Chevrolet

  • Electrified Corvette arriving next year

  • Full EV on its way, sooner rather than later

There is an electric Corvette on the way. It’s official, the President and CEO of GM have both posted about it today. Though it’ll be a while before that one arrives, we can also expect an electrified Chevrolet Corvette next year.

GM President Mark Reuss posted about the car on LinkedIn earlier today.

Starting with the electrified car, which was teased in a clip revealed at the same time. It shows a C8 Chevrolet Corvette that can spin its front tires. The Corvette has never done that before, but the new architecture behind the mid-engine C8 makes it possible.

The new car also features electric yellow brake callipers, something that is quickly becoming an EV performance car staple. Though Reuss didn’t confirm it, the video and our analysis suggest it will be an EV motor mounted at the front with a gas engine (possibly boosted by an electric motor) at the rear. Expect a V8, since this is still a Corvette, after all.

A fully electric Chevrolet Corvette will arrive later. Reuss wouldn’t say when, but expect at least a couple of years. He said that the E-Vette would use the GM Ultium EV package, but didn’t clarify if that meant the entire platform or just the motor and battery technology.

Since Ultium has produced a Hummer EV with 1,000 hp, an electric Corvette absolutely has our attention. As does adding AWD to the gas versions in the form of electrification, a move that could make the performance car a true world-beating model.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see, but Reuss suggests more info will be coming soon.


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