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NewsChevrolet has Received 85,000 Commercial Orders for the Silverado EV

Chevrolet has Received 85,000 Commercial Orders for the Silverado EV

Business owners and fleet operators are showing interest in the upcoming Chevrolet Silverado EV.

  • These orders were made by around 370 different companies

  • Many businesses are now ready to replace their fleet vehicles with EVs

  • Ford is also targeting the fleet market with the most affordable version of the F-150 Lightning

Electric vehicles are gaining in popularity among commercial buyers and Chevrolet confirms this by announcing it has now received 85,000 fleet orders for its Silverado EV.

These orders have reportedly been made by around 370 different companies, who will replace their current fleet vehicles powered by gasoline and diesel in the coming years.

According to the automaker, this is because electric vehicles have been on the market in different forms for a few years now, so businesses have had enough time to decide if they can make the transition to electric work vehicles.

Replacing older vehicles with new electric ones will allow operators to save a lot of money on fuel and maintenance, which could turn out to be very profitable, despite a usually higher purchase price when compared to similar vehicles powered by a combustion engine.

The arrival of electric trucks and vans is also responsible for a sudden influx of commercial EV sales, since these two types of vehicles are by far the most popular among fleet operators and businesses.

Chevrolet is not the only brand to benefit from this demand however, since Ford already sells an entry-level version of the F-150 Lightning which is made for commercial buyers.

Not to be outdone, General Motors will add the GMC Sierra EV and an electric Chevrolet Van to its electrified lineup in the next five years, in addition to the electric delivery vans it currently sells under the new Brightdrop brand.

These new model additions will be part of a $35 billion spending package aimed at EVs and autonomous vehicles.

According to the automaker, businesses using electric vehicles for their work duties could lead more and more members of the general public to adopt EVs by showing them they are capable and durable enough to put up with commercial use.



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