Wednesday, June 16, 2021
News Chevrolet Holding Week-Long Virtual Car Show Event

Chevrolet Holding Week-Long Virtual Car Show Event

Cruisin the USA in your Chevrolet is a week-long Chevy party

  • Showcase of Chevy past and present

  • Vehicle walkthroughs including past treasures and expert builds

What do you do when you can’t have a real car show this year? You have a virtual one. Chevrolet is throwing a week-long virtual show this month that will show off some of the company’s most important, most powerful, and most iconic designs going all the way back to the company’s founding in 1911.

The Cruisin’ the USA in your Chevrolet event runs August 10-16, and since it’s online through the automaker’s social media channels you can cruise wherever you find your screen that day.

Each day will have a different theme, starting with the company’s origins, then iconic designs, trucks, performance, racing, a fan celebration, then ending with Team Chevy at Nascar and NHRA events. Posts will include archival photos and videos from the 109 years of Chevrolet history and have experts take an in-depth look at some of the vehicles in the GM Heritage Center as well as their own Chevrolet vehicles.

Cruisin’ the USA in Your Chevrolet | Photo: Chevrolet

“Classic car events have served as a place for us to honour Chevrolet’s deep automotive history and its influence on our present and future with car enthusiasts from around the world,” said Steve Majoros, vice president of marketing, Chevrolet. “Cruisin’ the USA in your Chevrolet is a way for us to keep that spirit alive.”

Colouring pages, puzzles, and other activities are available from the Chevy Design School online and there will be Chevrolet themes available in the popular game Animal Crossing.

Schedule of Events:
August 10: The Origins and Innovations of Chevrolet
August 11: Chevy’s Most Iconic Designs
August 12: The Proud Truck Tradition
August 13: The Peak of Performance
August 14: Team Chevy – A Culture of Winning
August 15: Chevy’s Heritage – A Fan Celebration
August 16: Race Day – Cheering on Team Chevy at NASCAR and the NHRA Nationals

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