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NewsChevrolet Launches 9.4L Big Block Copo Camaro With Optional Parachute

Chevrolet Launches 9.4L Big Block Copo Camaro With Optional Parachute

COPO Camaro gets 9.4L of American iron

  • 9.4L drag race special set to conquer the strip

  • Latest version of COPO Camaro offers three powertrains, factory ‘chute

Chevrolet has just gone big. Really big. It’s the 2022 Chevrolet Copo Camaro and it will come with a 9.4L iron big block. Five Hundred and seventy two cubic inches for anyone still counting in standard measure, and this year Chevrolet says it isn’t limiting production.

Copo stands for Central Office Production Order, and it refers to a late 1960s workaround that let crafty Chevy dealers order special cars for special customers order bigger engines than were officially available to the public. Along with other go-fast goodies like special transmissions and fewer creature comforts.

The 2022 Copo 572 comes with a massive cast-iron big block engine that features four-bolt main caps and a forged steel crank with matching rods. The pistons and the cylinder heat are both aluminum.

Strangely, Chevrolet Performance doesn’t come out and say how much power the engine will make in this Chevrolet Camaro. Dig into the order form, and the engine options for the car (it will also be offered with a 5.7L supercharged engine with a parachute and a 7.0L NA V8), and it says the package is NHRA rated at 430 hp. If that figure sounds low, it is. Though confusingly NHRA rated power and the power figures you’d normally see are quite different. In this case, the 5.7 is rated at 580 with the 7.0 at 470 hp. Chevrolet Performance currently offers two carburetted 572 engines that make 621 of 727 hp. This one’s a fuellie, so we would have expected power much higher.

If you were wondering, no, this isn’t a road legal car. It’s a racing special that won’t be supplied with a VIN. Though where there’s a will, there’s always some sort of way to get a license plate.

Other drag race features include a carbon fibre hood, wheelie bars, and an optional weight box in the trunk. Hoosier drag tires and Bogart race wheels are included and the cars come with a highly modified TH400 three-speed automatic.

The 572 starts from $105,500, and GM is taking orders now. It runs in Stock or Super Stock classes, and it will likely be crushed in the quarter by an office worker in a Tesla.


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