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NewsChevrolet Saying Goodbye to Camaro With 2024 Collector's Edition

Chevrolet Saying Goodbye to Camaro With 2024 Collector’s Edition

Say farewell, Camaro six

  • Nine years of sixth-gen Camaro end in January

  • Chevrolet teasing special end of run edition

It’s time for the Chevrolet Camaro to go away again. 2024 will be the last year of the sixth-generation Camaro. We’re still waiting to see if there will be a replacement, but the sixth-gen is going out in the only way GM knows how: A collector’s edition.

The final copies of the latest Camaro will leave their Michigan assembly plant in January of 2024. Many of them will be the 2024 Chevrolet Camaro Collector’s Edition.

Chevrolet will offer the Collector’s Edition package on the RS and SS models. The package will also be offered on a handful of ZL1-equipped models. Those 650 hp supercharged cars might be the only ones that end up actually collectible, though it’ll take a few years for that to happen.

So what’s included in the Collector’s Edition package?

Chevrolet is playing coy, not telling us much. Just that the car will be an homage to the Camaros that came before. Part of the theme will tie it back to the very first Camaro, and its code name of Panther.

We got to see a silhouette of the ZL1 version of the Collector’s Edition car. It looks to have its own special paint and wheels. There’s a new treatment of the Camaro script badge, too.

Orders for the 2024 Chevrolet Camaro Collector’s Edition open up this summer. So expect Chevrolet to tease out the details over the next few months. Then we’re hoping we’ll get to see teasers for the seventh-generation Camaro. Or at least find out if GM plans to build one.



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