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NewsChevrolet Silverado EV Coming With 640km Range, Towing Up to 20k lbs

Chevrolet Silverado EV Coming With 640km Range, Towing Up to 20k lbs

Silverado EV coming with gas-truck capability

  • 640 km (400-mile) range for launch versions of EV pickup

  • Loaded First Edition coming fall 2023

Chevrolet’s first electric pickup has just been revealed, and while it won’t beat the F-150 Lightning to market, it will boast some features Ford can’t. That’s because unlike Ford, which repowered the gas truck, the Chevrolet Silverado EV is all-new and built on the EV-specific Ultium platform. If you’re worried about that sacrificing its inherent truck ability, know that Chevrolet says a version that can tow 20,000 lbs is coming soon.

The poster specs are the 640 km (400 mile) estimated range on the launch versions of the truck, along with 660 hp and 780 lb-ft of torque in the WOW max power mode. A fleet-aimed work truck version, which will actually hit dealers the better part of a year sooner than the RST consumer truck, gets the same range with 510 hp and 615 lb-ft. 350 kW fast-charging will come on both trucks to top up quickly.

WT, the launch truck, can tow 8,000 lbs and has 1,200 lbs of payload, while RST gets 10,000 and 1,300. The fleet model will be the one that gets the 20k max tow package, though no work on when it will arrive. There will, of course, be a frunk for more space and the pickup will be crew-cab-only.

Coolest on the list of features is the return of the Midgate on RST trucks. Making this more of an electric Avalanche, the Midgate, which opens up the back of the cab for cargo, boosts the box from six feet to nearly 11-feet in length. Four-wheel steering will be offered along with adaptive air suspension and 10 household power outlets with up to 10.2 kW output and the ability to charge other EVs.

Interior tech includes an available 17-inch infotainment screen and an 11-inch dash, with WT getting 11-inches and 8.0-respectively. The operating system is an all-new Linux-based system called Ultifi that will allow OTA updates.

Reservations open today, but first to hit dealers will be the WT model in spring 2023. While a US $39,990 (CAD 54,448) version will arrive later, it won’t be the launch. The first RST model will be the US $105,000 (CAD 119,948) First Edition coming in fall 2023. That First Edition will come with nearly the entire catalogue and will offer Super Cruise hands-off driving with trailering capability.


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