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News Chevy Corvette Frunk Is Flying Open, GM can't find the problem

Chevy Corvette Frunk Is Flying Open, GM can’t find the problem

A few Corvette owners have had problems with the front hood popping open

  • 5 Corvette frunk cases have been reported to the NHTSA

  • Chevrolet says it will improve the open hood warning

The new C8 Chevy Corvette has been flying out of dealerships faster than Chevrolet can make them. It also appears the front trunk, or frunk if you will, is also flying open.

The issue was reported to the NHTSA by two C8 owners last week who say that the frunk had flown open as they were driving. Since then, three other reports have come out.

The NHTSA report states that the hood popped open unexpectedly and that no prior warning was given.

Chevrolet says it is aware of the problem but hasn’t been able to isolate why the issue occurred. The automaker spoke with CorvetteMidEngineForum and said it was looking at ways to improve the warning signal that the hood may not be latched properly.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray | Photo: Chevrolet

“After isolated reports of 2020 Chevrolet Corvette hoods being inadvertently left open while being driven, the engineering team is investigating the potential issue and will be working to prevent them moving forward. We have not been able to identify any mechanical issues related this situation. We’re looking at ways we can improve warnings of the hood being open by increasing the volume of warning chimes and changing the messaging that appears in the DIC. Vehicles already in the field would receive these changes through over-the-air updates.”

What’s interesting here is that GM seems to be implying that the owners who reported the issue with the frunk didn’t hear the warning that it wasn’t latched properly.

So is that the case, or is there a problem with the latch? One owner said there was a warning that the front latch wasn’t secure, but that it went away once the C8 started rolling.

For now, there doesn’t seem to be a clear explanation of the Corvette‘s frunk problem. But, if there’s even a slight chance the front trunk can open with no warning, Chevy needs to get to the bottom of this fast.

Aside from having your accelerator pedal stick or your brakes stop working as you’re driving, the front hood popping open when you’re out on the road is probably the scariest thing that can happen to someone.

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