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News Chinese Automaker Nio Could be Preparing to Enter the US Market

Chinese Automaker Nio Could be Preparing to Enter the US Market

Nio could enter the American market in the next few years, bringing with it its battery swap technology.

  • Rumours say the company could sell electric vehicles in the United States starting in 2025

  • Nio is the only company to perform EV battery swaps on a large scale

  • The company is already testing four units of the ES8 in California

Rumours say that Nio could enter the American market as soon as 2025 with a number of its electric vehicles.

In the last few years, Chinese automaker Nio has been saying it wants to expand its reach by entering new markets around the world.

Norway was the first country outside of China to receive Nio vehicles in 2021 and since then, the company has concentrated its efforts on other European markets.

The next goal of the company might be the United States. Indeed, a product roadmap unveiled in 2021 showed the United States as being part of the 25 countries the automaker wants to be present in by 2025.

Additionally, recent rumours have been surfacing about a possible introduction in the American market. These rumours are fuelled by a number of details that hint at a future presence in the US.

For example, Nio already has offices in California, which it has recently moved into larger premises and the company announced it was hiring for manufacturing positions in the US, which will likely be a necessity in order to avoid possible import tariffs for vehicles built in China.

The company also posted open positions for people to work in its showrooms in the US just last month.

Furthermore, Nio is currently testing four units of its ES8 electric SUV in San Jose and the automaker will reportedly install its first battery swap station in the country as soon as November of this year, for testing purposes.

Speaking of which, the automaker’s unique battery swapping technology could give it a big advantage in the US market by making it possible to enter a station with an empty battery and leave with a full one in about as much time as it takes to fill up with fuel.

Nio has yet to confirm all of this information, but everything seems to hint that the company is working on an upcoming US introduction.

Source: Eletric Vehicles

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