Friday, July 1, 2022
News Christian von Koenigsegg Adds a Rimac to His Garage

Christian von Koenigsegg Adds a Rimac to His Garage

Just two hypercar CEOs hanging out

  • Rimac and von Koenigsegg, it turns out, are good friends

  • For the hypercarmaker who has everything? Another hypercar

The world of hypercars can be seriously cutthroat, especially when it comes to attempting to hit the sky-high performance targets the brands set. Outside of the boardroom, though, it turns out things can be a bit more laissez-faire. As this Facebook post featuring the head of Rimac and the boss of Koenigsegg shows as the latter turns up to buy one of the former’s cars.

The selfie isn’t tagged for location (via CarBuzz), though it appears to be at some sort of show, based on the Koenigsegg display behind the group. Rimac CEO Mate Rimac is taking the selfie with Christian von Koenigsegg, the creator and head of the hypercar company that wears his own name.

It’s a bit like Henry Ford showing up to buy a car from a 1950s Enzo Ferrari, which makes it super-cool in our eyes. Rimac says “Don’t meet your heroes, you’ll be disappointed. Unless your hero is Christian von Koenigsegg,” showing that the two have a good relationship.

While the post doesn’t mention what product von Koenigsegg is taking home, we assume it’s a Rimac Nevera and not one of the Bugattis that will become part of Rimac once the deal with VW Group is complete. The Nevera is set to have four electric motors to produce 1,914 hp and have a top speed of 412 km/h.

It’s not the first meeting of the two. The Koenigsegg website says that they have been friends for years and have a corporate partnership. Koenigsegg has advised Rimac on low volume production issues while Rimac has provided battery pack and electric powertrain development.


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