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NewsChrysler Shows the Synthesis Cockpit Demonstrator at the CES

Chrysler Shows the Synthesis Cockpit Demonstrator at the CES

Chrysler's future electric vehicles could feature many advanced driver assistance and infotainment technologies showcased by this concept.

  • This is a preview of the company’s future EV interiors.

  • It includes many new technologies such as level 3 autonomous driving and a personal assistant.

  • The Chrysler brand will be the first in the Stellantis portfolio to launch these technologies later in the decade.

After having launched the Airflow concept that previews its first electric vehicle at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Chrysler uses this year’s event to showcase the Synthesis Cockpit Demonstrator.

Automakers usually show concept versions of their future vehicles’ exterior designs, but they also sometimes give the public a glimpse of what to expect inside these upcoming products.

This is the case of Chrysler, which has unveiled a concept that shows what the interior of future Chrysler-branded electric vehicles will look like when they arrive starting in 2025.

The Synthesis Cockpit Demonstrator is a sort of pod that features two seats, a dashboard, and a giant 37.2-inch glass screen that serves as a driver information display and infotainment system for both occupants of the vehicle.

More than a styling exercise, this concept serves to showcase the latest technologies developed by Stellantis in terms of infotainment and driver assistance, which will be introduced to the market via the Chrysler brand.

These technologies include the STLA Smart Cockpit, STLA Brain, and STLA AutoDrive. As its name indicates, this last item will be a driver assistance system that could allow a number of new possibilities for drivers and passengers.

Indeed, Chrysler says this level 3 autonomous driving technology will be able to drive the vehicle in most circumstances, which means that drivers will be able to use their time on the road to work, play games, or relax.

The other two technologies will make it easier to do those things by keeping the driver’s home, work, and mobile devices synchronized, and by searching for appointments or obligations in order to plan a more effective route every day.

Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit Demonstrator | Photo: Chrysler

This also includes proposing parking and charging spots in order to cut down the stress and time needed to find somewhere to park in a busy city.

At the end of the day, the vehicle will also be able to drive itself back home and perform a smart home “wake-up” by sending a signal to connected home devices such as lights and thermostats.

Chrysler also says that the vehicle’s infotainment system will feature biometric readers to recognize drivers and an AI-based learning capability that will allow it to understand the driver’s preferences and adapt over time.

Of course, this futuristic interior employs a high level of recycled and renewable materials in order to generate less pollution and plastic waste than current vehicle interiors.

The automaker says the Synthesis Cockpit Demonstrator features vegetable-tanned upholstery, a dashboard made from post-industrial and ocean plastics, carpets made from textile-infused walnut, and 100% chrome-free finishes.

All of these advanced technologies are likely to play a part in the revival of the Chrysler brand which will begin with the arrival of the production version of the Airflow concept in 2025 and the complete electrification of its lineup in 2028.


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