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NewsCraving a Late Model Year Audi R8 With a Manual Transmission? Enter...

Craving a Late Model Year Audi R8 With a Manual Transmission? Enter Underground Racing

Looking for a recent Audi R8 with three pedals? Underground Racing will set you up but you have to buy two turbos too

  • The well-known tuner will fit a 6-speed manual transmission to the V10.

  • That’s right, they will install a gated 6-speed manual transmission.

  • The price for the conversion isn’t cheap…

The Audi R8 is one of the greatest cars we’ve driven so far in the 21st century. Way back in 2008, we drove a V8 manual version, and in 2010, a V10 with a manual transmission too. Of the two, the V8 stands as the better option but since 2015, neither the gated shifter nor the V8 are available from Neckarsulm. Underground Racing can fix one of these issues for you.

Audi R8 | Photo: Underground Racing via Facebook

The Charlotte, North Carolina-based shop specializes in twin-turbocharging V10 Lamborghini Huracán and Audi R8 supercars. The cost of the conversion starts at $49,000 for the lowest 800-wheel-horsepower (whp) setup. Pricing can reach as high as $175,000 for a Stage 3 Plus layout that will deliver 1,150 whp on pump fuel, or 1,300 whp on race fuel.

One of Underground Racing’s latest builds went a step further. According to Road & Track, the customer not only wanted a twin-turbo set for his/her new R8 but required that a 6-speed manual transmission replace the 7-speed dual-clutch unit. The 6-speed was sourced from a 2012 R8 V10 but the shop still needed to fabricate many parts to fit the three-pedaled transmission work.

Audi R8 | Photo: Underground Racing via Facebook

The tuner has not yet revealed the cost for the transmission swap, however, has specified that it comes with two turbochargers.

Audi R8 | Photo: Underground Racing via Facebook
Audi R8 | Photo: Underground Racing via Facebook


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