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NewsCupra will enter the US by 2030

Cupra will enter the US by 2030

  • The brand will be offered in North America by 2030.

  • The lineup will be entirely electric.


Arguably, the North American market is already saturated when it comes to the number of brands sold. But, in the eyes of some, there is still market share to conquer. That’s what the top management of Spanish brand Cupra believes.

Cupra Tavascan | Photo: Cupra

Cupra, for those unfamiliar with its origins, is a sportier division created from the Cupra model and formed from scratch by the SEAT brand, part of the Volkswagen group. And if we are to believe the words of its CEO, Wayne Griffiths, the Cupra badge will be visible on U.S. roads by 2030.

Cupra Formentor | Photo: Cupra

At the brand’s annual press conference, Wayne Griffiths made the news official, saying that Cupra would be setting up shop in some of the country’s eastern and western states, as well as the Sun belt states. The brand’s starting line-up would also be all-electric, with the electric version of the Formentor, a crossover close to the Hyundai Kona in terms of dimensions.

Cupra would also like to add a second, more imposing EV crossover. This model would also be assembled in one of the Volkswagen Group’s plants in North America, including Mexico. Cupra would thus seek to avoid the tariffs imposed on vehicles produced outside North America.

Cupra Formentor | Photo: Cupra

What’s intriguing about this announcement, however, is that the CEO also indicated that the brand would be sold under a new business model. It will be interesting to see what this second model will be, Cupra already offering the Tavascan, a sharper variant of the Volkswagen ID.5, itself a sharper variant of the ID.4.

At this time, the Canadian market was not part of the company’s plans, despite the local craze for electric vehicles. Volkswagen Canada’s public relations manager, Thomas Tetzlaff, confirmed that there were no plans for the moment north of the 49th parallel. But with a deadline set for 2030, Cupra’s senior management has plenty of time to change its plans.


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