Tuesday, March 21, 2023
News Customers will receive the First VinFast VF8 in the United States Tomorrow

Customers will receive the First VinFast VF8 in the United States Tomorrow

The first VinFast vehicles in North America will be delivered to Californian buyers tomorrow.

  • The company shipped the first 999 units of the electric SUV to the United States back in December.

  • The first deliveries will all take place in California.

  • Lease rates will be cut in half for the first buyers.

VinFast will deliver the first units of the VF8 electric SUV in the United States tomorrow, over a month after they shipped from Vietnam.

Back in December, the automaker placed 999 units of the VF8 on a ship bound for California, where all of these vehicles will be delivered over the next few days.

The company will hold an event at one of its California stores tomorrow where most of the vehicles are expected to be delivered but those who can’t attend will be able to take delivery at home or at a store starting the day after.

All of the 999 VF8’s part of the initial U.S. batch are City Edition models which are offered in both Eco and Plus trim levels.

The former offers up to 333 kilometres of range and the second offers 307 kilometres according to the EPA.

After these deliveries have taken place, the company wants to expand its operations to the rest of the country and begin deliveries in Canada.

For the moment, Californian buyers will benefit from a substantial rebate for lease terms and those who already hold a reservation will see an even more generous reduction.

Indeed, VinFast says that monthly payments on a 24-month lease for new buyers in California will be $399 while those who have already paid a deposit will only pay $274 per month. The originally expected price in the U.S. was $599 per month on a similar lease deal.

According to the automaker, this reduction is its way to remain competitive after many competitors cut their prices, such as Tesla did with the Model Y.

VinFast is simultaneously entering the European market and it expects to deliver its vehicles in France, Germany, and the Netherlands soon.

Unlike most automotive start-ups, the company already has a fairly wide range of models since it has unveiled four electric SUVs that will give it a presence in every segment from sub-compact to the upper end of mid-size.

Source: InsideEVs

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