Monday, September 26, 2022
News David Brown Automotive Shows Off First Speedback Silverstone Edition

David Brown Automotive Shows Off First Speedback Silverstone Edition

DBA's first Speedback Silverstone on its way home

  • Just 10 cars to be built, taking 8,000 hours to build

  • Look combines classic styling with modern chassis

David Brown Automotive has just sent the first of its Speedback Silverstone Edition cars off to its owner. The buyer of this, the first of just 10 to be built, will be taking delivery of a car that has received more than 8,000 hours of work by the team’s fabricators and craftspeople.

The Speedback combines vintage Aston Martin styling with a fully modern chassis and driveline to give it the best of both parts of the collector car world. This particular car started with a Black Metallic exterior paint that DBA says is exclusive to the buyer. Hand painting the car took more than eight weeks to complete, with the car’s brightwork and jeweller-made badges setting it off.

A hand-trimmed cockpit is fitted with heated and cooled seats, plus loaded with open-pore wood and Silverstone Edition badging. The owner has had a deployable picnic seat fitted to the boot, which combines with the picnic set and its included wool blanket and leather whisky bottle holder to make the car “the ultimate modern interpretation of the British ‘Gentleman’s Express’. ”

601 hp gives the car the grunt to go with the bodywork and comes from a supercharged 5.0L V8. A six-speed automatic shoots it to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds and to a top speed that lets the reimagined Aston crush continents at a bound.

All David Brown Automotive cars are built to order in Silverstone, UK, with the lineup including the Speedback in GT and Silverstone Editions, the Mini Remastered and the Mini Remastered Oselli Edition.

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