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News Despite Lower EPA Numbers, the Ford F-150 Lightning Beats the Rivian R1T...

Despite Lower EPA Numbers, the Ford F-150 Lightning Beats the Rivian R1T in Real-World Range

The Ford F-150 Lightning turns out to be more efficient than the Rivian R1T, which gives it a longer real-world range.

  • The F-150 Lightning Platinum drove 332 miles (534 kilometres), which is 32 miles (51 kilometres) more than the official EPA range

  • The Rivian R1T only managed 323 miles (520 kilometres in the same tests

  • The Ford is also more efficient than the Rivian despite official numbers claiming otherwise

The official range figures for electric vehicles don’t always match the actual range that can be driven in the real world, which can lead to some vehicles being surprisingly efficient out on the road.

This is the case of the Ford F-150 Lightning since it performed much better than expected in a test conducted by Edmunds.

Indeed, the F-150 Lightning Platinum test vehicle was rated at 300 miles (483 kilometres) of range by the EPA and yet it was able to drive 332 miles (534 kilometres) on a single charge.

This is explained by the Lightning being about 11% more efficient than the same EPA figures lead to believe, with an energy consumption of 45.4 kWh per 100 miles (160 kilometres) instead of the advertised 51 kWh per 100 miles consumption.

Where the EPA numbers are misleading is when comparing the Lightning to other electric trucks, especially the Rivian R1T.

2022 Rivian R1T | Photo: Rivian

Indeed, the Rivian pickup is more efficient than the Ford on paper, with an advertised consumption of 48 kWh per 100 miles and it should also have more range, with a claim of 314 miles (505 kilometres).

Or, the Ford beat the Rivian on both counts in real-world testing, where the Rivian also did better than its own EPA figures.

This is evidence that official tests are to be used as a guideline rather than a guarantee since so many factors can influence the range of an electric vehicle, such as the driving style, the weather, the condition of the tires and the level of traffic on the roads.

Being more efficient than the R1T is not a very high bar to cross, however, since Edmunds indicates the electric truck is the least efficient electric vehicle it has ever tested, which makes the Lightning only second to last.

Source: Edmunds

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