Monday, December 6, 2021
News Dodge Revealed its Plans to Build Excitement Before its First EV Arrives...

Dodge Revealed its Plans to Build Excitement Before its First EV Arrives in 2024

Dodge will look back at its heritage to build up excitement for its first EV

  • The first EV from Dodge will be a performance car, possibly inspired by the muscle cars of the 60s

  • The company will resurrect its Direct Connection line of performance parts

  • Dodge is looking for an ambassador and influent people to attract attention to its brand

Dodge has been somewhat struggling to stay relevant in the last few years since its vehicles are all starting to show their age.

Despite this, the addition of ever crazier performance versions, such as the Durango hellcat, a 710 horsepower 3 row SUV, has allowed the brand to gain market share.

In order to generate excitement and get more people on board before the launch of its first EV, which should signal the new direction of Dodge, the company has prepared a two-year plan called never lift.

This plan will see news about products every four months over the next two years, the return of a performance division and the addition of a brand ambassador.

In order to satisfy enthusiasts and to better capitalise on the success of its performance models, Dodge will relaunch its Direct Connection line of Performance parts that was originally created in 1974.

Direct Connection
Direct Connection | Photo: Stellantis

This division will supply all of the components needed to modify and increase the performance of the Challenger models. These will range from upgrades to the engine and suspension to full-on body-in white kits that will allow owners to transform their car into a drag racer.

The benefit of using Direct Connection parts is that they will comply with emissions regulations and they will not void the manufacturer’s warranty, unlike third party mods.

In addition, Dodge will be giving away cars to 25 car enthusiasts that are prominent in the sports, music or entertainment scenes in order to generate publicity.

Another way to get talked about is the addition of a brand ambassador, someone who will embody the spirit of the company. The job will come with the “Chief Donut maker” title and a $150,000 salary.

This program will culminate with the introduction of Dodge’s first electric vehicle, a muscle car that will resurrect the “Fratzog” logo that adorned the first generation of the Charger and other mythical Dodge muscle cars in the 60s.

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