Saturday, September 25, 2021
News E-Ray AWD Hybrid Could Replace Grand Sport Chevrolet Corvette

E-Ray AWD Hybrid Could Replace Grand Sport Chevrolet Corvette

E-Ray replacing GS means more power and Z06 looks

  • Widebody treatment, e-AWD power

  • More grip than base C8, less power than Z06

The Grand Sport was one of the most interesting versions of the C7 Chevrolet Corvette. It combined the appearance, and the wider rear fenders, of the Z06 with the less powerful V8 of the standard car. We were expecting Chevrolet to give the mid-engine C8 a similar treatment, but a new report says that Grand Sport is out but an AWD hybrid will take its place. Sort of.

GM Authority quotes sources familiar with the matter as saying that the E-Ray, a name that GM has put on patent applications at least twice already, will take the place of the Grand Sport, though it won’t exactly offer the same mission statement.

Instead of offering the big dog looks with base power like the Grand Sport, the report says that E-Ray will pair the C8’s 6.2L V8 with two electric motors mounted in the front of the car. Those motors will give the frunk the boot, but will add not just more power to the car’s driveline, but will make the C8 all-wheel drive.

The changes should help make the C8 even quicker, because of the combination of extra motive force and the addition of two more tires worth of grip.

According to the report, the E-Ray will make somewhere around 600 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque, or around 105 hp more than the C8 Stingray. More importantly, there should be much more power under the curve helping to improve performance at any engine speed. The electric power would come from one of GM’s new Ultium battery packs, likely mounded amidships in the car.

Yes, the car is still said to come with the widebody kit anticipated for the Z06, meaning that it carries forward the modern Grand Sport ideals at least a little bit, and it will still offer less power than we expect to see in the predicted upcoming gas-only Z06.

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