Thursday, May 26, 2022
News Electric Motors Turn Classic Rolls Phantom into Silent Cloud

Electric Motors Turn Classic Rolls Phantom into Silent Cloud

How do you make an old Rolls-Royce more luxurious? You electrify it and give it a full restoration

  • Classic Phantom, electrified with 500 km range

  • Fully-restored interior keeps original car phone


Rolls-Royce is best known for making cars that float like a cloud and give owners a luxury experience unmatched anywhere else in the auto industry. The only thing holding them back in those efforts was the need for an engine and gearbox that might, sometimes, give one a bit of fuss and vibration. So what better car to give an electric powertrain than a Rolls-Royce? Exactly. that’s why electric classic converters Lunaz put their efforts into this Rolls Phantom V.

This classic Phantom has a presence and grace unmatched by anything on the road today, but that oily half-burned fuel smell that follows older cars is hardly befitting of the rest of the package. So Lunaz stips them down to the bare metal, 3D scans and fully restores the car (minus engine) before fitting their own 120 kWh battery pack and electric motor.

That makes the car even more silent, offers a range of more than 500 km, and while no power figure is given Rolls-Royce would have preferred it that way. Call it adequate and that’s the most you need to know.

Lunaz will offer 30 of these, then move on to the earlier Rolls-Royce Cloud. The inside of each one is restored to the same level as the powertrain including not just electric AC but adding a full modern infotainment system, screens hidden behind the picnic tables, and even kept the bakelite phone that was originally installed between the rear seats (with the innards brought up to modern cellular tech).

The cars will start from £350,000 (CAD 606,000) and will likely climb far higher depending on the buyer’s wants and desires. Of course for the average Rolls buyer, that won’t matter one bit. Getting grace, space, and pace that would previously have been impossible.

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