Thursday, January 26, 2023
News Electric or Gasoline: Ford Separates its Activities in Two

Electric or Gasoline: Ford Separates its Activities in Two

Ford will split its operations into two: One side dedicated to electric vehicles and the other continuing with combustion engines

The Dearborn-based automaker has decided to separate its automotive division into two segments. On the one hand, Ford Blue will continue the brand’s journey on the side of vehicles equipped with combustion engines, while Ford Model e will be the wing assigned to the brand’s electrified and connected vehicles.

“This is not the first time Ford has reimagined the future and gone its own way…We have an extraordinary opportunity to lead this exciting new era of connected and electric vehicles, to offer our customers the best of Ford and to help make a real difference to the health of the planet,” said Bill Ford, Ford’s executive chairman.

This separation of the brand into two entities is part of the Ford+ plan launched in May 2021 by Jim Farley, Ford’s president and CEO, with the goal behind the plan being to make Ford once again a great company that changes the world, according to the top executive.

He even added that Ford Model e will become the center of innovation and growth, a team made up of the best talents in software, electric propulsion and automobiles with the aim of creating incredible electric vehicles and digital experiences for a new generation of Ford customers.

Ford Blue’s mission will be to continue the development of gasoline engines while making sure the company is profitable and building customer loyalty with incredible service and experience. Ford Blue, while continuing to use gasoline engines, will need to find ways to reduce its environmental footprint, improve quality and reduce waste. Ford Blue will also have to consolidate the brand’s iconic models – the F-Series, the Ranger and even the Maverick come to mind, while the Bronco family, the Explorer and the sporty Mustang are also part of Ford’s popular vehicles.

Despite the separation of Ford into two, Model e and Blue will work together with other Ford Motor Company businesses, including Lincoln, Ford Credit or Ford Pro. The company also intends to continue selling gasoline-powered vehicles for several years to come, as it believes that this customer base is not about to disappear.

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