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NewsElectric Quadrifoglio Alfa Romeo Models are Coming

Electric Quadrifoglio Alfa Romeo Models are Coming

Alfa Romeo commits to electric performance with Quadrifoglio versions of most of its vehicles

  • Quadrifoglio Alfas are heavily underrated performance vehicles.

  • Alfa Romeo will go all electric by 2027.

  • Expect the electric Quadrifoglio models to pack serious electron power.

It’s easy to mock Alfa Romeo: There are very few on the road and historically, they’ve proven to not produce the most reliable vehicles. The fact is that Alfa builds some of the most compelling driving vehicles available on the market and they, and their Quadrifoglio vehicles, have a bright future ahead of them.

2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Review: The Best-Driving 4-Door Sedan

As we know, Alfa Romeo announced that they will drop all internal combustion engines in favour of EVs by 2027. What wasn’t clear last summer was whether or not Quadrifoglio performance versions were going to survive beyond the ICE cut. According to Motor Trend, they will and that’s great news.

The gap between “regular” and Quadrifoglio models within Alfa Romeo is massive. Unlike BMW’s M and Mercedes-Benz’s AMG, there are no watered-down Quadrifoglio vehicles. This bodes well for future electric Stelvio and Giulia Quadrifoglios. Nothing is yet known specification-wise but we can expect a similar output and performance gap as with the current ICE versions.

2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale Will be First Vehicle With an NFT

As for Alfa Romeo’s latest model, the Tonale, there are no Quadrifoglio plans for it yet.


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