Sunday, June 4, 2023
News Entering New Market Segments Could Double Alfa Romeo Production by the End...

Entering New Market Segments Could Double Alfa Romeo Production by the End of Next Year

Alfa Romeo plans to double its production volume over the next year by launching the Tonale and then to continue this expansion with many other models.

  • The Italian brand will introduce two crossovers and an electric model in the next three years

  • The Giulia will become an electric sedan when it reaches the end of its product cycle

  • The brand wants to become more mainstream before reintroducing sports cars to its lineup

Alfa Romeo currently has only two models for sale worldwide: the Giulia compact sedan and the Stelvio compact SUV.

The imminent arrival of the smaller Tonale SUV is expected to bring many new buyers to the automaker, enough to double its annual sales by the end of 2023.

This increase in sales will continue later in the decade since the Italian brand will introduce the Brennero, a sub-compact SUV, in 2024. This model will be offered with a choice of gasoline or electric powertrains and it could be the last new model from the brand that will offer combustion engines.

Indeed, Alfa Romeo said that all of its new models introduced in 2025 or after would be exclusively electric vehicles, the first of which will be introduced that same year.

The brand aims to sell its last vehicle powered with a gasoline or diesel engine in 2027 in every market where it is present.

This is why the next generation of the Giulia will become an electric sedan once the current model is due to be replaced in a few years.

This future EV is rumoured to be based on the STLA Large platform, which means it could offer around 500 miles (800 kilometres) of range and a fast-charging capability that can add 20 miles (32 kilometres) of range per minute.

Since Alfa Romeo is currently a niche automaker known almost only to enthusiasts, the company wants to appeal to a broader audience. This is why it will sell two new crossovers and it is also the reason why it is planning to introduce larger models than the current Giulia and Stelvio.

This doesn’t mean the company will abandon the sports cars that have made its reputation since the boss of the UK arm of the brand said he believes the company has enough prestige to sell a £500,000 ($779,200 CAD) limited edition sports car.

According to the same executive, the company will widen its scope over the next few years and it will then set to work on developing all-new electric sports cars.

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