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NewsEurope Could Get the Ford Bronco After All

Europe Could Get the Ford Bronco After All

The Bronco is knocking on Europe’s doors. It’s up to Ford of Europe to open them

  • Ford thinks it’ll fit the market much like current premium SUVs from Land Rover.

  • The Bronco’s a massive hit however delivery delays and complications have plagued the Ford off-roader.

  • If it is offered, it’s not expected to arrive before 2023.

The Ford Bronco, the real one, not the smaller Sport version, is a colossal hit. Though the launch has not been without a few hitches and glitches, the fact is that the Bronco has massive global appeal. Initially, it was said that the SUV was solely earmarked for North America. Now, it seems as though it could be headed to Europe as well.

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We might be thinking that Europe and the Ford Bronco are an odd pairing, but we’d be wrong. Land Rover, Range Rover, BMW, and Audi, to name only these brands, all sell SUVs on the old Continent meaning that there’s plenty of room for a big American truck in the mix.

AutoExpress asked Ford CEO Jim Farley if he thought the Bronco would work in Europe to which he replied: “Absolutely, it works. I see all these Defenders around – absolutely. I think it would work fine.”

Ford, in North America, is still ironing out some issues with deliveries. They also hold a huge list of names of customers waiting on their new 2022 Bronco. With this in mind, it’s unlikely Europe will see the bucking SUV before 2023.


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