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NewsEV production : Nissan reviews its plans for its Canton factory

EV production : Nissan reviews its plans for its Canton factory

  • One more EV crossover will be added to the mix.

  • We can expect a more reactive manufacturer in the near future.


Nissan is once again set to revise its plans for electric vehicle production at its U.S. plant in Canton, Mississippi. Indeed, the top management of Nissan’s American wing made the announcement official via a memo sent to Nissan’s parts suppliers. The document was obtained by Automotive News.

Nissan Chill-Out Concept | Photo Nissan
Nissan Chill-Out Concept | Photo Nissan

The original plan was to use the Canton, Mississippi complex to assemble two future electric sedans, starting in June 2026, but as of this week, the schedule has just been pushed back to next November. For now, no one knows when production of additional EVs will begin at the southern U.S. facility.

The memo sent to Nissan suppliers, however, gave a better idea of what to expect from the brand in the months and years to come. The range of electric vehicles produced in Canton is set to expand, bringing the number of Nissan electric vehicles to five. This fifth vehicle would take the form of a subcompact crossover in the image of the defunct Nissan Qashqai.

Nissan Ambition 30 Concept | Photo Nissan

Incidentally, this fifth vehicle is only the beginning of Nissan’s electric shift, as the two sedans originally planned for the Mississippi complex will be replaced by two other crossovers. Nissan may return to the sedan segment later.

Earlier this year, Nissan indicated that its future EVs would be designed in pairs, with the aim of reducing development and design costs. This is certainly one of the reasons why the brand’s strategists need to rethink the production strategy on American soil.


Other factors explain this slowdown in consumer interest in electric technology, such as the presidential election in the United States, which could well change the course of the electrification of the North American car fleet. We can therefore expect Nissan to be more responsive to local public demand. The mere fact that production of the Altima sedan has been extended beyond 2025 shows that the automaker is watching and listening to the needs of North American consumers.

We’ll undoubtedly have more to say on this matter very soon, as Nissan needs to reassure not only its suppliers, but also its loyal following.


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