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NewsEvery New Vehicle Sold in New York Will Have to be Zero-Emissions...

Every New Vehicle Sold in New York Will Have to be Zero-Emissions by 2035

This is very similar to the ban on combustion-powered vehicles announced in California.

  • The state is following California’s lead

  • 35% of new vehicles will have to be EVs by 2026 and then 68% by 2030

  • A number of financial programs will help buyers afford EVs

Since California announced its plan to ban new internal combustion vehicles by 2035, a number of states have been drawing up their own EV adoption plans, the latest of which is New York.

The state wants to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 85% by 2050 and to do so, it chose to ban new vehicles powered by gasoline or diesel starting in 2035.

In order to verify the progression toward this goal, the program contains two checkpoints, with the first mandating 35% of new vehicles be EVs in 2026 and the second requiring 68% of them to be EVs in 2030.

Since electric vehicles are almost always more expensive than comparable vehicles powered by combustion engines, the state of New York has set up a few financial programs destined to help buyers who want to move to an EV.

These include a state rebate of up to $2,000 that can be used in addition to the $7,500 federal tax credit on electric vehicles as well as a program destined for municipalities that want to replace their fleet vehicles with EVs. Both of these programs will cost the state around $15,75 million.

To help fund its electrification, New York will receive $175 million over five years from a federal program that aims to improve the state’s electric vehicle charging network, which recently saw the installation of its 100th public fast charger as part of an existing $250 million plan to bonify the charging infrastructure.

While this ban on new combustion-powered vehicles will help reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions, it will need to do more than that to achieve its goal for 2050 since California, which has a very similar emissions reduction plan estimates it will only reduce its emissions by 50% between 2026 and 2040.

Many other US states are expected to follow California and New York in mandating that all new vehicles sold on their territory by 2035 will have to be electric vehicles.


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