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NewsExpected Kia EV3 Might Replace the Soul

Expected Kia EV3 Might Replace the Soul

Compact Kia EV3 anticipated to offer more than 400 miles (approx. 640 km) of range

Kia has announced that starting 2025, it will roll out models based on its new eM platform tailored for passenger EVs. The distinctions between the eM and the existing e-GMP structure used by recent Hyundai and Kia electric vehicles aren’t entirely clear. However, the two platforms are likely to run concurrently for some time. The upcoming EV3 could be one of the first new vehicles to launch on assembled on it.

Kia Soul EV Boardmasters | Photo: Kia

The uniqueness of the eM platform lies in its design destined for varied EV segments. It promises a remarkable 50% enhancement in driving range relative to current EVs. Additionally, it’s optimized for higher-level autonomous driving and over-the-air (OTA) software updates. Given these features, vehicles on this platform, potentially including the EV3, could boast a driving range that exceeds 400 miles or approximately 640 km.

Following the unveiling of the prominent EV5 SUV, Kia’s sights seem set on the urban market with the introduction of a more compact electric vehicle, provisionally dubbed the EV3 according to Autocar. Falling under Kia’s exclusive electric EV lineup, it’s the smallest of the bunch, paving the way for a prospective midsized EV4 that might align in dimension with the Niro EV. The latter having received a recent update is projected stay in the market until about 2028. As such, the EV3 could act as the successor to the Soul EV, which last saw a major revamp about four years ago.

Kia Gives a Better Look at the Interior and Exterior of the New EV5

When comparing designs, the EV3’s distinctive features stand out. From its prominent silhouette, brief overhangs, to its upright glasshouse, it certainly appears like it will take up the mantle from the Soul EV. Unlike its suggested predecessor, the EV3 will promises benefits such as improved range, faster charging times, and heightened functionality.

Additional anticipated design features include the presence of concealed storage under the flat-folding rear seats, a bench-like front seat akin to the EV5, and possibly a compact front storage or ‘frunk’. Aesthetically, while the EV3 is molded for urban journeys, contrasting the rugged allure of the EV5 and EV9, it’s likely to adhere to Kia’s established “Opposites United” design ethos. This means retaining a blocky design, LED lighting signatures, chunky detailing, and the signature ‘tiger face’ front.


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