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NewsFaraday Future Will Unveil the Production Version of the FF91 Electric SUV...

Faraday Future Will Unveil the Production Version of the FF91 Electric SUV on Feb. 23

Faraday Future is about to reveal the production-ready version of its FF91 electric SUV and it is already planning its second model, expected for 2024.

  • Production is planned to start later this year in California

  • The first pre-production model was introduced in January 2017

  • A second model, the smaller FF81, is planned to enter production in 2024

Faraday Future is a start up electric automaker that is getting ready to unveil the production version of its first vehicle, the FF91 electric SUV.

This vehicle was revealed back in January of 2017 in what the company said was production form. Since then, some changes are likely to have taken place and they will be highlighted during the debut of what Faraday Future calls the production-intent version on February 23rd.

This SUV will be powered by three electric motors with a combined output of 1,050 horsepower, which should make for 0 to 60 mph (0-96 km/h) acceleration times of only 2.4 seconds. The automaker claims the range will exceed 300 miles (482 kilometers).

The automaker clarified that some final validation and certification needs to take place before production units destined to costumers can roll off the assembly line.

This large electric flagship SUV will be assembled in a California factory that used to make tires for Pirelli since the company abandoned its plans to build a new facility in Las Vegas.

The original plan was to have the first units of the FF91 reach buyers by December of 2018 but financial difficulties put a hold on the automaker’s activities for a while.

A deal with Chinese Geely, the majority shareholder of Volvo and Polestar, allowed Faraday Future to continue developing their first product.

The automaker is already looking past the introduction of the FF91, since it is currently working on a smaller and cheaper model (the FF91 is expected to retail for over $100,000). This new product called the FF81 will also be an electric SUV and its production will take place in a former General Motors factory in South-Korea, starting in 2024.


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