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NewsFerrari 12Cilindri is the Cleverly Named 819 hp V12 Supercar

Ferrari 12Cilindri is the Cleverly Named 819 hp V12 Supercar

The V12 lives again!

  • Ferrari goes one more dance with the V12

  • New model quicker and more powerful than ever

Here it is, the latest Ferrari 12-cylinder monster. The 819 hp Ferrari 12Cilindri is named for that engine, and it makes its power without the need for turbocharging, supercharging, or even hybrid assist.

The 6.5L V12 engine that gives the car its name is an evolution of the powerplant that first debuted in the Enzo back in 2002. Since then, it has been under the hood of many Ferraris and even one Maserati. It has grown over the years, both in size (from 6.0L to 6.5) and in power output – its lowest was 612 in the 599 GTB.

It’s been heavily modified from the last version of the engine, adding new software and components like titanium connecting rods as well as revised alloys for the pistons. It has finger followers for the valves like a sports bike (or F1 car), and it can spin all the way to 9,500 rpm.

Ferrari says the modifications have been about optimising torque delivery across all operating conditions. The company says it results in a 12 that’s even smoother than before. And while it has a particulate filter in the exhaust now, a 6 into 1 manifold gives it the brand’s typical V12 howl. The new model gets an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The car itself is a stunner, starting with the nose panel that’s inspired by early 365 GTB/4 Daytona models. It has the long hood proportions typical of a Ferrari front-mount V12 grand tourer, though the back is a bit stubbier than usual.

Inside, it has Ferrari’s button-heavy wheel, but it does have a central display and a setup for the passenger. It will get Ferrari’s best driver assists, including a new version of Slide Slip Control that can estimate tire grip more quickly.

The 12Cilindri will come as a coupe or convertible. The former starts from around 400,000 euros, the convertible another 40k. Expect production to already be sold out for years.



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