Tuesday, October 4, 2022
News Ferrari 296 GTB is an 818 hp Plug-In Hybrid

Ferrari 296 GTB is an 818 hp Plug-In Hybrid

The plug-in Prancing Horse arrives

  • First PHEV Ferrari makes massive power

  • A giant change for the supercar company

Ferrari has just revealed its latest new model, and ignore the low number they’ve used for the name. The Ferrari 296 GTB might have a V6 and a plug, but the automaker says that this 818 hp beast is every bit a Ferrari.

It was inevitable that even Ferrari would have to downsize engines, and their latest mid-engine car did just that. The name comes from the 2.9 (really 2.99 but Ferrari’s never been a stickler for numbers) engine and its 6 cylinders. It isn’t the first Ferrari with a V6, that honour went to the Dino 156 F2 single-seat race car way back in 1957, but it is one of the brand’s boldest engines ever.

A nearly-flat 120-degree vee is used for the V6 that was developed from scratch for this car. The engine is lower, more compact, and brings down the center of gravity. It is fitted with turbochargers in the middle of the vee to deliver 654 hp and a whopping 221 hp/L. That’s a production car record, Ferrari says.

Ferrari’s first plug-in hybrid has a 167 hp electric motor that is derived from what the company uses in F1. It sits behind the gas engine and in front of the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. The 7.5 kWh battery lets it run purely on electric power over a short distance.

Combine the two and you have 818 hp. If you’re worried about the sound of a V6 in an Italian supercar, Ferrari says don’t be. They called this one the “piccolo V12” (little V12) since its high redline, symmetrical firing order, and direct exhaust all contribute to the proper sound.

Styling is more elegant and smooth and less f the typical Ferrari aggression. Other tricks include a headlight that incorporates the brake duct and an active wing in the rear.

Inside, this is largely an SF90 made smaller. That includes a fully digital dash and loads of capacitive touch buttons. Like its more powerful and more expensive siblings, an Assetto Fiorano pack will be offered that includes Multimatic dampers, Lexan rear screen, carbon trim, and other track day features.

Ferrari hasn’t announced when the 296 GTB might arrive in customer hands, nor the price. We expect the former early next year and the latter somewhere in the ballpark of $300,000.

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