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NewsFerrari Builds 488 GT3-Based One-Off For Special Customer

Ferrari Builds 488 GT3-Based One-Off For Special Customer

Best-looking track car ever?

  • Turns most winning Ferrari ever into a stunner

  • KC23 previews brand’s next cars

Ferrari has built one of its best collectors something really special. It’s a design that looks like a Le Mans hypercar from the future but it is built on a car that is tearing up racetracks today.

The Ferrari 488 GT3 has racked up 530 wins and 119 championships and become the most successful racing Ferrari ever built. The Evo 2020 version chassis was where Ferrari started with the KC23 One-Off.

While the 488 GT3 is all angles and fury, the KC23 is something more sinuous. At least that’s how Ferrari describes it, saying that the car has “a monolithic beauty.” Ferrari also describes it as “providing a tantalising glimpse of the future of supercars,” hinting that we might see some of this design in the company’s future cars.

Though the body is all new, Ferrari wanted to maintain the race car’s aerodynamic performance. To do that, Ferrari went with active panels that do their aero work only when the car is running. There are kinematic panels behind the front wheels and more at the rear that leap out when the twin-turbo V8 is brought to life.

How much power will that V8 make in this track-only car? Ferrari isn’t saying, but the V8 makes around 550 hp when limited by FIA GT3 regulations and nearly 700 hp when it’s not so encumbered.

The car has 21 and 22-inch wheels for when it’s showing off, but comes with a set of 18s for track time. The car will make its debut to the public at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and that may well be the only time we ever get to see the car run.


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