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NewsFerrari Embraces Cryptocurrency Payments in the U.S., Eyes Europe Next

Ferrari Embraces Cryptocurrency Payments in the U.S., Eyes Europe Next

As reported by Reuters, Ferrari has begun accepting cryptocurrency payments for its sports cars in the U.S., with plans to expand this payment mode to Europe, in response to increasing demand from its clientele.


  • Ferrari responded to market demand by introducing cryptocurrency payments.

  • The Italian automaker has collaborated with BitPay, ensuring legitimacy in transactions.

  • Plans to expand the crypto payment option to Europe are underway.


As noted by Reuters, Ferrari, the renowned luxury sports car manufacturer, has initiated cryptocurrency payments for its vehicles in the United States. This decision comes as a direct response to the increasing demand from its diverse range of clients, some of whom have amassed considerable wealth through their investments in cryptocurrencies. The company also recognizes the evolving nature of digital currencies and their growing acceptance in the global market.

Ferrari Roma Spider | Photo: Ferrari

Historically, many leading enterprises have been hesitant to integrate crypto payments, primarily due to concerns regarding its volatility and the environmental implications linked with certain cryptocurrencies. However, Ferrari’s Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, Enrico Galliera, shed light on the advancements in the crypto world. He pointed out that there have been significant strides in reducing the carbon footprint of cryptocurrencies through new software developments and a heightened reliance on renewable energy sources.

Ferrari 296 GTS | Photo: Ferrari

Ferrari’s commitment to sustainability remains strong, with clear ambitions to achieve carbon neutrality throughout their entire value chain by 2030. The decision to accept cryptocurrencies doesn’t deviate from this commitment; instead, it’s a testament to their adaptability and responsiveness to market trends.

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For the U.S. phase, Ferrari has teamed up with BitPay, one of the premier cryptocurrency payment processors. This collaboration ensures that the digital currencies utilized in transactions are legitimate, safeguarding both the buyer and seller from potential illicit activities. Additionally, BitPay will instantly convert cryptocurrency payments into traditional currency, providing a buffer against the notorious price fluctuations of the crypto world.

Ferrari Daytona SP3 | Photo: Ferrari

Enrico Galliera emphasized that there would be no changes in pricing or additional fees for those opting to pay via cryptocurrencies. With Ferrari’s significant presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, expanding the cryptocurrency payment scheme to these regions is a strategic move that is also anticipated to commence in the upcoming year.


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