Friday, December 9, 2022
News Ferrari is Apparently Building a New Production Line Especially for EVs and...

Ferrari is Apparently Building a New Production Line Especially for EVs and Hybrids

Ferrari is likely to expand its factory with a new production line dedicated to EVs and hybrids.

  • The Supercar maker will introduce its first electric car in 2025

  • The company is clearing a piece of land next to its Maranello factory

  • An R&D center for batteries could also be built at the same time

It appears Ferrari is about to expand its Maranello factory and reports say the result will be a brand-new assembly line dedicated to electrified vehicles.

The supercar maker is following the trends of the automotive industry, which means that it is working on electric vehicles to join or replace its current gasoline-powered models.

Since there are major differences in the assembly process of vehicles powered by fuel or by batteries, it makes sense that the company will have to proceed with substantial modifications to its manufacturing facilities.

Rather than refurbishing its current production line, which is still needed to produce the brand’s current models, Ferrari is likely to add another assembly line in a new building, which will only manufacture electric and hybrid vehicles. A new R&D center focused on battery technologies is also rumoured to be in the plans.

This is further evidenced by the fact that Ferrari recently purchased a plot of land adjacent to its existing operations and it looks like land-clearing operations are underway.

The company is expected to announce this project during it capital markets day next week. At this event, the brand’s four-year plan is also expected to be revealed.

This plan might include new SUV models to join the upcoming Purosangue and it will almost certainly confirm new electric models.

For the moment, Ferrari sells two hybrid models and at least one electric supercar is confirmed for 2025. This model has not been revealed yet, but patent designs show that it will likely be a two-seater sports car with a motor at each wheel and batteries placed behind the seats.

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