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News Ferrari Readies for EV Transition; CEO Test-Drives First Prototype

Ferrari Readies for EV Transition; CEO Test-Drives First Prototype

Ferrari is progressing on its electric vehicle (EV) journey, with CEO Benedetto Vigna expressing satisfaction after driving the brand’s first EV prototype.


  • Ferrari’s first all-electric model is set for a 2025 launch, and CEO Vigna already test-drove a prototype.

  • The automaker aims for electrified vehicles (hybrids, BEVs) to constitute 60% of its sales by 2026 and 80% by 2030.

  • Despite the shift to electric, Ferrari plans to retain internal combustion engines in its lineup, supported by e-fuels, even beyond 2030.


Ferrari, the iconic sportscar maker, is steadily making strides into the electric vehicle domain. Recent developments indicate that the brand’s transition is well underway, with Benedetto Vigna, the CEO, providing an update on Ferrari’s first all-electric model. Scheduled for a 2025 debut, Vigna recently had the opportunity to test-drive a prototype of this EV. In a conversation with Bloomberg Television, he conveyed his positive impressions, stating he “liked it a lot.” However, specifics regarding the upcoming EV are still under wraps as Vigna refrained from divulging more.

Ferrari 296 GTS | Photo: Ferrari

It’s evident that Ferrari is putting considerable thought and effort into its foray into electric vehicles. The carmaker has established a meticulous developmental process for its vehicles, often spanning multiple quarters. Speaking to its dedication, Ferrari recently finalized its “e-building,” which is designed to manufacture electric vehicles as well as hybrid models like the 296 GTB and SF90.

Ferrari 296 GTS | Photo: Ferrari

Looking ahead, Ferrari has outlined a clear roadmap for its electric aspirations. By 2026, the brand targets electrified vehicles to account for 60% of its total sales, and this figure is expected to rise to 80% by 2030. But Ferrari’s commitment to tradition remains evident. With the utilization of e-fuels, the company envisions the continued presence of internal combustion engines in its showrooms. In fact, by 2030, Ferrari anticipates it will still offer ICE-only vehicles, supplemented by a range of plug-in hybrid variants.

Ferrari Chops the Roma’s Top to Create Roma Spider

Interestingly, Ferrari, in collaboration with other boutique supercar brands, has negotiated for a more phased adoption of electric power, relative to the broader automotive industry. They’ve also advocated for e-fuels to be recognized under the European Union’s future emissions guidelines.

Ferrari 296 GTS | Photo: Ferrari

One intriguing tidbit about Ferrari’s inaugural EV is a potential “sound reproduction device” hinted at in a patent filing. This feature would simulate the roar of engines, compensating for the natural quietness of electric vehicles—a sound cherished by many car aficionados.

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