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NewsFerrari Wants 80% of its Sales to be Electrified in 2030

Ferrari Wants 80% of its Sales to be Electrified in 2030

Ferrari unveiled its plan for the decade, which calls for 15 new models and 80% of sales to be electrified by 2030.

  • The company will introduce 15 new models between 2023 and 2026

  • The brand currently sells two hybrid models and its first EV will arrive in 2025

  • Ferrari will develop its own motors and possibly also solid-state battery modules

Ferrari unveiled its business plan for the next few years, at the center of which is an ambitious goal to have 80% of its sales be hybrid and electric vehicles by 2030.

This shows that the company is pushing toward electrification, despite behind a bit behind other automakers since its first electric car will only arrive in 2025.

The biggest challenge for Ferrari will be to make EVs that appeal to the buyers in the same way its gasoline-powered models currently do. This could be more difficult than it seems since the purchase of a supercar is a very emotional decision and most of the emotions come from the sound of the engine and its power delivery.

To differentiate its EVs from other high-performance electric vehicles, Ferrari could resort to making the power curve of its electric motors more similar to the curve offered by its V8 and V12 engines.

The company says that electrification will allow it to build more unique cars and this appears to be true since its plan also calls for 15 new models to be introduced between 2023 and 2026, which is an unprecedented number for Ferrari.

The business plan also confirms that the automaker’s Maranello factory will indeed be expanded to add a production line dedicated to the manufacture of EV parts such as motors, inverters, and battery modules.

Speaking of batteries, Ferrari will work with battery suppliers in order to advance the development of solid-state batteries, which present many advantages of the lithium-ion type currently used, chief among which is the capacity to deliver its maximum power for a long period of time, which is crucial for a car that is quite likely to be entered in a race.

In order to achieve its goal of electrification, Ferrari will invest 4.4 billion euros by 2026, and most of that sum will go towards the development of its upcoming models.


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