Friday, January 28, 2022
News FIA Delivers Sustainable Fuels to F1 Engine Makers for Testing

FIA Delivers Sustainable Fuels to F1 Engine Makers for Testing

Sustainable gas to power Formula 1

  • Formula 1 looking at carbon neutrality

  • Second-gen biofuel from waste, not feed

Looking to help the global racing series lower its carbon footprint, the FIA has delivered a new sustainable fuel to Formula 1 engine manufacturers for the first time. The plan, which builds on the turbo-hybrid cars introduced in 2014 is part of an effort to be net-zero on carbon in 10 years.

They call it a second-generation biofuel, meaning that it si exclusively refined from bio-waste, not matter that was intended for human or animal consumption. The first barrels have been sent to Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault, and Honda, the current power unit manufacturers for the series.

The goal is to show that the fuel works and that it can support the demands of the current 1.6L turbocharged V6 engines that develop in the range of 875-1,000 hp before being assisted by the hybrid system known as MGU-K.

“FIA takes its responsibility in leading motor sport and mobility into a low carbon future to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities and contribute to a greener planet,” said FIA President Jean Todt. “By developing fuel made from bio waste that can power Formula 1, we are taking a new step forward. With the support of the world’s leading energy companies, we can combine the best technological and environmental performance.”

Other FIA series will be able to use sustainable fuels starting from 2021, including the European Truck Racing Championship. The FIA is one of the largest organizers of motorsport in the world, covering series in nearly every country that races.

While reducing emmissions from the racing cars is an important visual step, the cars themselves represent less than one percent of the carbon footprint of the series. Still, FIA’s working to be net zero by 2030 would represent massive progress in reducing carbon emissions globally from motorsport.


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