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News Fiat Opens Orders for the New Topolino Quadricycle in Italy

Fiat Opens Orders for the New Topolino Quadricycle in Italy

Fiat’s new Topolino quadricycle, designed for sustainable urban mobility, is now available for online order in Italy with home delivery options.


  • Fiat’s Topolino quadricycle emphasizes sustainable mobility, available at €39 monthly, equivalent to a local transport pass.

  • Through “Be the First”, over 10,000 units were registered online even before official orders opened.

  • Fiat pioneers a fully tracked online purchase journey, from order to home delivery, for the quadricycle.


Fiat, the renowned Italian carmaker, has initiated sales in Italy for its Topolino quadricycle. Positioned as the epitome of sustainable mobility, the vehicle promotes the essence of urban convenience and the “Dolce Vita” lifestyle. Designed specifically for urban and short-distance commutes, the Topolino offers an accessible solution for all.

Fiat Topolino | Photo : Fiat

On July 4th, Fiat rolled out the “Be the First” campaign, an online platform allowing potential buyers to showcase their interest in the electric Topolino. This platform witnessed overwhelming success, tallying interest for over 10,000 units. Italian car enthusiasts can now officially place their orders.

Fiat Topolino | Photo : Fiat

Fiat is simplifying the buying experience by leveraging digital tools. Come January 2024, the delivery process promises to be straightforward, with vehicles being delivered directly to customers’ homes. This digital shift is one of Fiat’s most accessible and straightforward initiatives to date.

Fiat Topolino | Photo : Fiat

Fiat’s overarching goal is to champion sustainable urban transportation. The Topolino, being 100% electric and measuring just 2.53 meters in lenght, offers agility that exceeds traditional cars. This aligns perfectly with the modern urban landscape that leans towards eco-friendly transportation.

Fiat Topolino | Photo : Fiat

The entire customer journey has been reimagined. Drawing inspiration from leading e-commerce platforms, Fiat has streamlined the purchase process. Potential buyers can access comprehensive information, visualize the model in 3D, and finalize their purchase with a few clicks. Once the order is placed, Fiat offers a unique feature: full tracking of the quadricycle from the factory to the doorstep or the nearest dealership.

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In terms of pricing, the Topolino is available for a monthly installment of €39 for 48 months after a €2,582 down payment. This pricing strategy aims to bolster electric mobility in urban areas.

Fiat Topolino | Photo : Fiat

The Topolino’s specs cater to urban needs with a 75 km range, a maximum speed of 45km/h, and simple home charging solutions. Its design elements, such as the Rear Carriage and vintage chrome-effect mirrors, blend functionality with aesthetics.

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