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NewsFiat Shows its Vision for the Future

Fiat Shows its Vision for the Future

  • For now, we don’t know if Fiat will introduce one of those concepts in North America.

  • The five concepts can be electrified or not, depending on the market.


Fiat hasn’t exactly enjoyed the success it had hoped for in North America since the Italian giant decided to bring its little 500 back to the continent in 2011. But despite this, the Italian manufacturer remains one of the world’s biggest players. That’s why the Stellantis-owned brand took advantage of its appearance at the Geneva Motor Show 2024 to reveal its vision for the future.

This glimpse of the brand’s future was immortalized in the form of five concepts. Fiat intends to introduce a new model every year between now and 2027. The first of these will be unveiled this July. Will Fiat attempt a new North American offensive? Nothing is less certain at this point, but you never know, especially as this announcement is based on a new platform designed to accommodate all types of powertrains.

The presentation of these concepts was filmed with Fiat CEO Olivier François having fun inside a small Italian café, unveiling these five ideas for vehicles that may or may not turn into production models over the coming seasons.

The first car, called City Car, is inspired by the current Panda crossover, but with a more massive design. In this case, the concept, which could very well find its way into the Fiat range within the next few months, is also designed for a purely electric motor or one with a combustion engine. The design of several components is a nod to the famous oval test track at the Lingotto building in Turin, where the brand was born. The interior features several oval-shaped details (steering wheel, dashboard, screens, headrests, etc.).

The second concept, called Pick-Up, is a compact pickup truck. Outside North America, Fiat is well represented in the small pickup arena, notably in South America where the Strada is already a success. As is customary, the pickup features a few new ideas for functionality, such as a retractable roof rack, a way of securing a bicycle in the cargo box with a mount on the truck’s roof, or even auxiliary lights that can be detached from the front section and attached to the roof rack.

Still based on this flexible powertrain architecture, the Fastback concept takes up the essentials of the pickup truck, but with a window over the rear cargo area, while a fourth concept pushes the limits of utility a little further, with a more traditional SUV silhouette and horizontal roof. This one is called SUV concept.

Finally, this platform has even given rise to this other idea of a go-anywhere – overlanding if you prefer the popular expression – vehicle with raised ground clearance, a tent on the roof, a mini-wind generator to power the vehicle’s systems and, above all, this rugged look. The name of this one is Camper concept.

It’s too early to know what Fiat’s intentions are for our territory, but in the light of these more utilitarian concepts, we can hope for another attempt from the Italian brand. The brand’s top man confirmed that these concepts have been developed for the global market. The first model will be unveiled this year to mark Fiat’s 125th anniversary.


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