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NewsFiat Unveils the Abarth 500e with 153 horsepower and Faster Charging

Fiat Unveils the Abarth 500e with 153 horsepower and Faster Charging

The new Abarth 500e is unveiled with a more dynamic appearance and more power than the regular Fiat 500e.

  • The Abarth 500e is a more dynamic version of the electric Fiat.

  • The increase in power allows it to reach 100 km/h two seconds faster than the Fiat.

  • This model also has a noise generator that replicates the sound of gas-powered Abarths.

Following the North American premiere of the electric 500e last week, Fiat unveiled the sporty Abarth version of its small EV earlier today.

Just like previous Abarth versions, this model will feature more power and revised chassis settings that will make it quicker and more dynamic than the Fiat model.

According to the Italian brand, the Abarth 500e will benefit from 153 horsepower and 173 lb-ft of torque from its single-motor drivetrain, which is 36 horsepower and 11 lb-ft of torque more than the regular model.

Abarth 500e | Photo: Abarth

This will allow it to reach 100 km/h from a stop in 7 seconds flat, which is two seconds quicker than the Fiat.

The Abarth will also be quicker around a track due to unspecified modifications to its chassis settings which likely include a stiffer suspension and a revised steering system.

Additionally, the new Abarth will be quicker than the gasoline-powered Abarth 695 on the track despite having 10 fewer horsepower and presumably being heavier due to the presence of a 42-kWh battery.

Abarth 500e | Photo: Abarth

This unit is the same that is found in the regular Fiat 500e, but it will benefit from faster-charging capabilities that will allow a flat battery to reach 80% charge in 35 minutes.

The company has yet to announce an official range for the Abarth version, but it is expected to be lower than the 321 kilometres (WLTP) announced by the Fiat model due to the increased performance.

Visually, the Abarth model will distinguish itself from the Fiat with the help of exclusive wheels and paint colours, side skirts and revised bumpers, as well as a large number of Abarth badges, the most prominent of which is found at the front, where the company’s name is spelled out in block letters where the grille would go on a gasoline-powered model.

Abarth 500e | Photo: Abarth

Inside, the car will feature a revised interior that includes sporty additions such as special bucket seats upholstered in Alcantara, a flat bottom steering wheel and aluminum pedals. The infotainment system also adds performance pages similar to the ones found on Dodge’s SRT models.

Since engine noise plays a big part in the driving experience of a sports car, Abarth included a noise generator that will simulate the sound of a traditional Abarth engine when accelerating. The driver will be able to turn this feature on or off depending on their preference.

Since Fiat announced that the 500e will be offered in North America starting in the 2024 model year, it is likely that the Abarth model will also cross the Atlantic, but the company has yet to comment on this subject.

Abarth 500e | Photo: Abarth
Abarth 500e | Photo: Abarth
Abarth 500e | Photo: Abarth
Abarth 500e | Photo: Abarth


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