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NewsFinal Bugatti Chiron Has Us Feeling Blue

Final Bugatti Chiron Has Us Feeling Blue

Farewell to the Chiron, says its French creators

  • Eight years and 500 copies ends 1,500 hp car’s run

  • Bugatti plans new model launch next month

Eight years after it started, the monster’s run has come to an end. Bugatti has just announced that the last of the 500 Chiron models it intended to build has been completed. The Bugatti Chiron is being sent out with a car that reimagines the look of the very first one.

The Bugatti Chiron was the successor to the Veyron, a car that turned the supercar world on its head. Using a version of the Veyron’s 8.0L quad-turbo W16 engine, the Chiron started with 1,479 hp and later saw tehe figure boosted to 1,578. The top speed was in excess of 400 km/h.

Bugatti Sur Mesure, the arm of the company that works to personalize each copy of the car, worked with its customer to create the Chiron Super Sport L’Ultime. It starts with the paint, where French Racing Blue fades into Atlantic Blue, with the wheels painted to match. Adorning the transition is a list of places and events important to the Chiron legend. All hand-written, of course.

The engine cover, wheel caps, and rear wing all wear the 500 number to show off how important the car is. The exterior’s blue continues inside with deep blue leather and blue carbon finishes in hand-cut and stitched leather and hand-finished composite materials.

Bugatti President Christophe Piochon called it “a fitting farewell” to the car. Bugatti will carry on with the Bolide and Mistral and will unveil its newest model in June.


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