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NewsFinal Ford Edge Leaves Oakville Ontario Assembly Plant

Final Ford Edge Leaves Oakville Ontario Assembly Plant

Ford finally reaches the end of the Edge

  • Ford Oakville shutter for three years

  • Lincoln Nautilus production moved to China

After 18 years of production at Ford’s Oakville Assembly plant, North American production of the Ford Edge has finally ended. Though its planned replacement will take longer than expected to arrive, leaving workers in the lurch.

Ford announced a few years back that Edge production would end at the Oakville plant. The Lincoln Nautilus, which shared a platform with the Edge, set sail for production in China last year. But we didn’t know exactly when that stoppage would happen. Until now.

Adam Smietanka, a worker at the plant, shared a photo of the final Edge on Facebook (via Ford Authority). A banner in the image shows that the Oakville Assembly Complex team built 2,609,545 Edges over the model’s run. The last Edge was white, and looks to be a Titanium model. While the Nautilus will be built for North American sales in China, the Edge will not be built and shipped over.

Oakville Assembly will now be taking a bit of a break. Workers at the plant had expected to start retooling for the production of a new Ford EV this year or next. Now, the latest update from the plant says that the upcoming three-row Ford EV won’t enter production until 2027. The company’s announcement said that this was “to reduce material and design costs, utilize emerging battery technology.”

It’s not clear how the extended plant closure will affect workers at the plant or how Ford will support them during the changeover.



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