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NewsFirst Vinfast VF8s Arrive in Canada

First Vinfast VF8s Arrive in Canada

Vinfast VF 8 has arrived in Canada

  • First Vinfast shipment unloaded in BC

  • Vinfast models expected to be delivered to customers next month

The first Vinfast electric crossovers have just arrived in Canada. Vinfast’s shipment of VF 8s are certified for sale here and deliveries are expected to start in June of 2023.

Vinfasts’s vehicle transporter the Silver Queen docked at the Port of Nanaimo in BC earlier this week to unload 781 VF 8 electric crossovers. They’re the first of the brand’s vehicles to arrive in Canada, and come just months after the first US deliveries.

Along with the cars arriving in port, Vinfast has confirmed Canadian regulatory certification for the new models as well as official range figures.

The Vinfast VF 8 Eco starts from $53,600 and will get a 425 km range. Plus with 349 hp starts from $59,200 and has a range of 354 km, and buyers can spend $1,500 to upgrade to the 402 hp Plus with 391 km of range.

Vinfast will sell its vehicles directly. The company currently has eight showrooms in Quebec, Ontario, and BC. Vinfast will include a 10-year warranty with 200,000 km coverage for the vehicle and unlimited mileage for the high-voltage battery. Mobile service and roadside assistance are included for the warranty period.


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