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NewsFisker Could Build the Ocean in the US to Meet Demand

Fisker Could Build the Ocean in the US to Meet Demand

Fisker could add US production for the Ocean due to high demand.

  • Two of the three trims levels are reportedly sold out

  • The company says it will have around 80,000 orders by the end of the year

  • US production could supplement Austrian production to reach 50,000 units per year

Fisker is getting ready to deliver the first units of the Ocean electric SUV and already, the company is thinking of increasing its production up to 50,000 units per year.

According to the small automaker, 58,000 orders have been received for the Ocean as of now and two of the three trim levels are already sold out.

In addition, the company believes it will receive close to 80,000 orders by the end of this year, many of which will be binding orders instead of refundable pre-orders.

This is why Fisker is reportedly considering a higher production rate than was initially planned, which could lead to the Ocean being manufactured in the United States in addition to the Magna-Steyr factory in Austria, which is currently getting set up for its production.

This decision is also likely to have been influenced by the new tax laws signed by the US government which limits tax credits on EVs to only the vehicles that are manufactured in North America.

If Fisker starts building the Ocean in the US, it could become eligible for the $7,500 credit again, which would make it more competitive in the market.

Since Fisker doesn’t own the factories that will build its vehicles, it will have to find a new manufacturing partner in the United States.

One candidate could be Foxconn, the company contracted to build Fisker’s next model, the PEAR, in Ohio starting in 2024.

Until then, the Ocean will be travelling across the US to be displayed on the east coast for the first time, since its official launch and its latest public appearance both happened in California.


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