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NewsFisker Inc Shows Four New Models Including Alaska Pickup

Fisker Inc Shows Four New Models Including Alaska Pickup

Get ready for more Fiskers

  • New model day for EV maker Fisker Inc

  • Company plans to launch three all-new vehicles in coming years

Henrik Fisker might go down in history as the most persistent car company executive. His latest effort looks to be paying off, too, as Fisker Inc held its first Product Vision Day where the company put four models including one all-new one on display together.

That latest model is the Fisker Alaska, a four-door pickup built on the Fisker Ocean platform. It has a configurable bed that can extend from 4.5 to 9.2 feet and has a bed divider the company calls Houdini that is a midgate into the cabin.

Fisker said that the Alaska is designed to be the lightest EV pickup on the market, a welcome change from the likes of the Ford Lightning and Hummer EV. Fisker said to expect deliveries of the pickup to start in 2025, with a U.S. starting price of $45,400. The company’s range estimate for the Fisker Alaska ranges from 230-340 miles (370-550 km)

We also saw the Fisker Ronin for the first time. The project was announced in May of last year, and the goal was a five-seat carbon fibre GT convertible. The luxury car has a three-motor powertrain Fisker says will make more than 1,000 hp and a battery pack with a range it says will top 1,000 km.

Also on hand was the Fisker Pear, a model the company says will go on sale with a starting price under $30,000. It has a new stripped-down platform and Fisker said it will have 35 percent fewer parts than a traditional vehicle. It will offer a six-seat layout with a front bench and gets features like a drawer-style front trunk. The tailgate is a retractable panel that slides into the rear bumper which seems like it would be more complex, not less.

The last of the four on display is a new trim package for the Ocean SUV. It’s called the Fisker Ocean Force E and it’s a rugged version of the electric model with all-terrain tires, a cargo box, and fender flares. No word on when to expect production, but that’s likely to be the first of the four.

The big problem for Fisker now is building all of these models. The company has had trouble getting the Ocean to market on its original schedule. Plus it’s not clear where the company would build these new models. The Pear is expected to be built by Foxconn at that company’s Ohio plant, and the Ocean is built by Magna Steyr in Austria, but the Alaska would have to be built in the U.S. to avoid punitive tariffs for imported trucks sold in that country.

But, as we said up top, Henrik Fisker is tenacious. If anyone can bring these ambitious plans to fruition, it’s probably him.



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